Dr. Ben Kim's Natural Health Newsletter
July 2, 2013
Dear Reader,
If you've been following my newsletter for a good while, 
you've likely noticed that I strongly believe that the health
of our closest relationships is a major determinant of
our health.
Put another way, I am certain that chronic emotional stress 
that stems from angst-riddled relationships with family, 
friends, and work colleagues contributes to every major
health challenge that we know of.
When a client is stressing over which of her foods are
not genetically modified while it's exceedingly clear that
she carries a massive load of resentment for someone 
she has to spend time with every day, I'm not shy about
pointing this out.  
To ignore the state of one's closest relationships is to waste
time and effort.  My thinking is this:   how much progress 
are we really going to make in further tinkering with your 
diet if you are chronically angry, sad, paranoid, or feeling 
unloved, used, or disrespected?  
I regularly receive questions from readers and clients on
relationship issues, and to the degree that my schedule
allows, I try to share my thoughts in most cases.  But up 
until now, I've been reluctant to post some of these exchanges
on my blog, as I've had some people send in hate mail 
accusing me of giving advice that is best left to counsellors, 
psychotherapists, and others who focus exclusively on 
helping people sort through relationship issues.  
So I'm asking for a little feedback if you have a minute to
briefly reply to this message.  In considering some of my
previously published thoughts on relationships and how 
they affect our health, do you think you would find value in 
more posts on relationship issues?  If you would like to review 
examples of such posts, here are two from the past few years:
1.  To Reconcile or Not To Reconcile (the drama behind
my father's objection to our decision to homeschool our
2.  Six Ways to Keep Your Relationship Healthy (thoughts
from my marriage):
If I end up publishing exchanges on relationship issues
with readers and clients, please note that I will always
change names and ensure anonymity, as well as seek out
permission from those involved before posting.  
Based on feedback from you all, I may make this a much 
larger focus in the days ahead, as I'm all about looking
at root issues that feed the health issues that many of us
try to address from the surface.  To be clear, yes, I do feel
that to comprehensively address hypertension, rheumatoid
arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, osteoporosis, hair
loss, and all other common health challenges, it is absolutely
essential to look for and address chronic emotional stressors
in our lives.  
If you strongly prefer that I spend more time on other areas
of our site like healthy recipe pictorials, stretching and foam
rolling tutorials, treatment protocols for specific injuries, etc.,
then please let me know, as all feedback is useful.
Please note that given the restraints of my schedule, I may
not be able to reply to each bit of feedback, but if you write
in, I hope you know that I am grateful for your time, and I 
personally read through every response.  
Before signing off for today, I'd just like to point back to
what is probably my favourite healthy smoothie from our
pictorial archive - it's for a creamy, dairy-free chocolate 
vanilla smoothie made with real vanilla bean, and is better
than any milkshake or soft ice cream in my memory:
Perhaps something to enjoy over the coming 4th of July
celebrations for our readers in the States.  :)
Wishing you a lovely week ahead,
Ben Kim
Though of the Moment:
"We will always be exposed to people who purposefully or 
accidentally bring us down. 
"The way back up is to focus on things that we're grateful for. 
When we walk with gratitude, we bathe our cells with strength 
and compassion."